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During the upgrade process, it is advisable to place the handset in the charging cradle and closer (within 10 meters) to the base station.
While the handset is busy upgrading, you will not be able to use any of the features of the phone.

A firmware upgrade can take approximately 25 minutes. Do not cancel the upgrade or turn off the device during the process.

After completing the firmware upgrade and reboot, the handset should register automatically with the base station. If it does not register, please perform a manual re-registration.

Before upgrading W52H/W56H/W53H handset firmware, please ensure the following:
The handset must be registered on the base station and within the radio coverage of the base station.

There are no external calls in progress on the base station, this includes handsets that are not about to be upgraded.
The handset battery has at least 50% charge in order to finish the firmware upgrade.

Manual Upgrade

Go to the web GUI of the base station, click on Settings  Upgrade.
In the Select and Upgrade Handset Firmware block, click Browse to the handset firmware file on your PC.

Click Upgrade to trigger the update. A dialog box pops up to prompt “Handset Firmware of the SIP Phone will be updated. It will take 10 minutes to complete. Please don’t power off!”.

Click OK to confirm the upgrade.
The web user interface prompts “Handset Firmware updating. Please wait and do not power off. And the browser must not be closed or refreshed!”.

All handsets registered to the base station will perform the upgrade if they meet the conditions listed above. While upgrading the handset will display a progress bar with the status on the LCD screen. The handset will reboot, and the message key LED flashes red after completing the upgrade.

If a handset fails to upgrade successfully, the LCD screen will display “Upgrade fails, please upgrade again”. After a short while, the handset will attempt to perform the upgrade automatically.

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