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There are three LED indicators on the base station, when all three LEDs are lit solidly, this means the base station is working correctly. If not all LEDs are lit, follow these diagnostic steps:
Connect a working power supply to base station, if the power LED does not light up it could be a hardware problem.
Connect a network cable to the base, it will flash.

There are three cases.

  1. If the network LED lights up solidly, it means that the base station has successfully connected to the network. You can register a handset to the base station, after which all LEDs should be lit solidly.
  2. If the network LED does not light up at all, try a hard reset of the base station.
  3. If the network LED flashes continually, it means that the base station cannot get an IP address.

Try connecting the network cable to another port on the switch, if the network LED continues to flash, try a hard reset.

If this does not resolve the issue, it may be a hardware issue.

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