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Jitter buffer is a shared data area where voice packets can be collected, stored, and sent to the
voice processor in even intervals. Yealink provides two options for the Jitter Buffer settings, either adaptive or fixed.

A fixed jitter buffer adds a fixed delay to voice packets. You can configure the delay time for the static jitter buffer.
An adaptive jitter buffer can adjust based on the delays in the network. The range of this delay time is configurable.

Maximum Delay and Minimum Delay

There are two parameters are used to limit the range of the delay. When receiving a RTP packet, it will be defined as an underflow event if the packet delay is smaller than minimum, and vice versa an overflow event if it is greater than maximum.
In both cases this will cause packet loss, and lead to audio loss.
The Max delay and Min delay are used only when the Jitter Buffer is configured to be “fixed”.
If the Jitter Buffer is configured as adaptive, it will adjust itself accordingly base on the network latency. It is recommended to use adaptive Jitter Buffer.

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