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Expansion Module for T27G/T29G


EXP20 expansion module for T27G/T29G with T2 design aesthetic and 18 extensions per page.

The Yealink EXP20 expansion module is designed to expand on the receptionist capabilities of the T27G/T29G by providing additional line/BLF keys for larger businesses with more extensions. The EXP20 expansion module is scalable and up to 6 can be added to a single phone, with 2 of the devices needing no additional power. The EXP20 expansion module is easy to deploy and set up and enables receptionists to quickly transfer calls without confusion to many extensions. As your business grows, so too can your receptionist IP phone, simply add more expansion modules and enjoy the benefit of easy call handling.

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Key Features & Specs


160×320 Monochrome LCD


20 keys, 2 keys used for paging


Up to 6 expansion modules per phone

Power Supply required

Power supply required for 3 or more expansion modules

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  • 160 x 320 Mono LCD display
  • 20 Physical keys
  • 2 keys used for paging
  • Adjustable angles
  • Designed to enable receptionist use on T27G/T29G
  • Up to 6 expansion modules connected to one phone
  • 2 Expansion modules powered by host phone
  • Easy setup