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LCD Expansion Module for T43U, T46U and T48U IP Phones


Expansion module to be used with the Yealink T43U, T46U and T48U phones. Supports 3 pages of 20 keys per page.

The Yealink EXP43 brings a rich colour screen expansion module to the Yealink T4U series phones. The Yealink EXP43 is compatible with the Yealink T43U, T46U and T48U phones and will adapt to match the display of the IP Phone it has been connected to, monochrome for T43U and colour for the T46U and T48U.

The dedicated page view keys allow you to easily navigate through the list of BLF keys, with up to 60 keys available. By daisy-chaining up to three EXP43 expansion modules (two require external power), the number of BLF keys can be expanded up to 180, making this the ideal accessory to turn your Yealink T4U series phone into a reception or switchboard phone.

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  • 4.3″ 272×480 Pixel colour LCD
  • 20 Physical keys, dual colour LED
  • 40 additional keys via page view
  • Up to 3 expansion modules per phone
  • PSU’s required for expansion modules 2 & 3
  • Adjustable stand


  • Colourful interface adapts to phone model
  • Dedicated page view buttons
  • First expansion module powered by the host phone
  • Programmable keys can be used for advanced functionality

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