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PSTN adapter for CP920


CPN10 adapter for CP920, designed to enable PSTN connectivity for legacy use.

Many businesses still rely on PSTN / analogue lines as their main source of connectivity, but also want to benefit from modern conference phone audio quality and features with an eye on eventually converting to VoIP. This is exactly the problem the CPN10 PSTN adapter solves. The Yealink CPN10 adapter simply connects to your CP920’s USB port and to your analogue phone line to enable PSTN interoperability. Additionally, USB call recording remains possible via the USB breakout port. Simplify your transition to VoIP with the Yealink CPN10 PSTN adapter.

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Key Features & Specs


USB 2.0

Call Recording

USB Flash Drive


Up to 2 cascaded to set up PSTN conference

Voice Support

SIP and PSTN modes


Yealink CP920 Conference Phone



  • Supports CP920
  • USB
  • Plug and play
  • No additional power required
  • USB call recording supported


  • Enables PSTN / Analogue calling on CP920
  • Easy to use via plug and play
  • USB call recording is not compromised

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