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Wired Microphones for Video Conferencing Devices


VMC34 wired microphone for use with Yealink video conferencing devices, cascading for up to 4 units.

The Yealink VCM34 wired microphones takes video conferencing to new levels and ensure every participant is heard clearly, even in large meetings with lots of background noise. With the VCM34’s wide audio pickup range, meeting participants do not need to be seated directly next to the device in order to be heard. Yealink’s noise proof technology has proven itself as must have for both video and audio conference calls and effectively eliminates most of the background noise to ensure remote participants can hear you clearly. The VCM34 wired microphones features an elegant and professional design that looks at home in any boardroom. Cascading or “daisy-chain” microphones drastically simplifies the deployment, with up to 4 microphones linking back to the video conferencing device through a single Ethernet cable. Communicate and collaborate clearly and without interruption with the Yealink VCM34.

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Key Features & Specs


Built-in 3 microphone array

Voice Pickup

Up to 6m, 360-degree voice pickup

Noise Proof

Yealink noise proof technology


PoE support


Up to 4 units in cascade (daisy-chain)



  • Built-in 3 microphone array
  • Up to 6m, 360-degree voice pickup
  • Yealink noise proof technology
  • PoE support
  • Up to 4 units in cascade (daisy-chain)


  • Extends audio pick up range
  • Noise proof technology minimises background noise
  • Simplistic design with built-in mute button
  • Cascading of microphones for multiple participants

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