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Advanced Gigabit IP Phone with Dual USB Ports


Advanced IP phone with Gigabit Ethernet and support for expansion modules.

The Yealink T43U advanced IP phone offers so much more than just a desktop IP phone and captures the cost-effective reception phone market. With support for up to three expansion modules, the T43U provides flexibility and scalability for any growing business.
The Yealink T43U can be provisioned with multiple SIP accounts, making it possible for a single receptionist to be the main contact for multiple numbers or companies.
The new Yealink T4U series comes with two USB ports expanding the number of accessories and connectivity options for the T43U, with 6 different USB accessories available, including the BT41 USB Bluetooth dongle, WF50 Wi-Fi dongle and support for the Yealink USB headsets (UH36).
To offer additional protection against failure, the T43U supports dual firmware images for easy recovery.
Empower your business with the expanded features and functionality of the new Yealink T43U.

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Key Features & Specs


3.7" 360×160 pixel backlight LCD display


2 x Ethernet ports 10/100/1000 PoE support

Headset Support

Yealink UH36-MONO and UH36-DUO


12 x SIP accounts

USB Ports

Dual USB ports




  • 3.7″ 360×160 pixel backlight LCD display
  • 2 x Ethernet ports 10/100/1000 PoE support
  • 12 x SIP accounts
  • 8 x Line keys
  • 21 x Memory keys (3-page view)
  • Wall-mountable
  • Expansion module support
  • Dual USB ports


  • Ideal for use as cost-effective receptionist console
  • Expansion modules allow for more line/BLF keys
  • Up to 3 expansion modules for business of all sizes
  • Multiple built-in line keys are ideally suited to small but growing business
  • Unified T4U series firmware


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