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Global Support Services

Yealink Global Services for Yealink Microsoft Teams and Zoom voice and video devices solutions

Professional services, conserve IT resources and increase efficiency Backed by Yealink, a company with 19 years of experience in UC devices and in-depth knowledge of Yealink devices. Conserve your limited IT resources while increasing efficiency in areas including diagnosis, troubleshooting, configuration and deployment. Minimize business disruptions Reduce the time and resources required, minimize costs and business disruptions, and keep everything on track to maximize your business uptime. Predictable and scalable pricing Flexible options ranging from different types of remote and onsite services and different levels of response time, to product models. The cost of advance parts replacement can be covered. Global coverage and local support Offering consistent warranty service for multinational organizations, as well as in-region and local-language support.

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  • Professional services, conserve IT resources and increase efficiency
  • Minimise business disruptions
  • Predictable and scalable pricing
  • Global coverage and local support

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