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USB Web Camera


Yealink USB full HD web camera for your personal desktop.

The Yealink UVC20 is a full HD webcam for a brilliant personal desktop video experience, which can be applied to remote working, open meeting scenarios, distance education, training, live streaming, and telemedicine.  Powered by 5 megapixel full HD glass lens, omni-direction microphone, auto exposure, autofocus, and rotatable lens, the UVC20 webcam ensures perfect clear video in any environment.  Compatible with virtually all video conferencing software applications, you can set up quickly and run any meeting.

Smooth Video, Premium Experience
The UVC20 web camera ensures a smooth experience and clear communication with premium video and audio experience.  5 Mega-pixel full HD glass lens delivers 1080P HD video and true-to-life clarity.  The built-in omni-direction microphone supports accurate voice pick-up ranging up to 180°, bringing crystal-clear communication.

Easy To Use, Quick Start-Up
As a USB camera, the UVC20 is plug-and-play and right for various video conferencing platforms or applications with a convenient BYOD experience.  The Yealink USB Connect, as a management software, delivers a host of capabilities to monitor usage, access the device information, conduct diagnoses, and perform firmware updates, which saves time and allows worry-free management.

Automatic Exposure, Intelligent Adjustment
The UVC20 webcam allows for truly easy, convenient, and efficient time to video without the limitations of a complex environment and manual operation.  Smart Light* optimises imaging even in low light or poor backlight.  Through ePTZ control, autofocus, and rotatable lens, the UVC20 enables you to perfectly catch every spotlight without manual adjustment.

Lens Cap, Privacy Secure
The lens cap not only protects the camera lens but also offers conference security, personal privacy and is built-in to avoid being lost.

*Smart Light: automatic face detection in low-light or backlit with intelligent exposure compensation on face, ensuring the correctness of the overall image.

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Key Features & Specs


1080P Full HD Web Camera


1.4 x Digital Zoom


Microsoft Teams certified


Compatible with most popular video conferencing platforms: Microsoft Teams, Zoom, 3CX Webmeeting, Skype, GoogleMeet, GoToMeeting and many more



  • 1080P Full HD web camera
  • 1.4 x Digital zoom
  • e-PTZ
  • Built-in microphone
  • Microsoft Teams certified
  • Compatible with most popular video conferencing platforms: Microsoft Teams, Zoom, 3CX Webmeeting, Skype, GoogleMeet, GoToMeeting and many more


  • Full HD Web Camera for personal use
  • Built-in omni-directional microphone
  • Manual lens cap for additional privacy
  • Plug-and-play for ease of use

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