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Wireless Content Sharing Dongle


WPP20 USB Wireless content sharing dongle for use with VC200 / VC500 / VC800

Yealink’s WPP20 wireless content sharing dongle has been designed to simplify content sharing, allowing users to simply connect the dongle to a computer and press one button to start screen sharing. The WPP20 dongle makes it easy for one or multiple participants to show their content over Yealink’s VC solutions, crystal clear and in high resolution. The Yealink WPP2 wireless dongle also enables connected computers to act as the meeting administrator, controlling layouts and connected participants, while video recordings can be stored directly onto the computer simply and easily. It’s never been easier to share content and the WPP20 wireless content sharing dongle is a must have for any business with Yealink video conferencing solutions.

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Key Features & Specs

Content Sharing

1080P, 30FPS content sharing


5GHz, 802.11ac wireless



Plug and play

Plug and play

Works with

Works with Windows and macOS



  • 1080P, 30FPS content sharing
  • 5GHz, 802.11ac wireless
  • USB2.0
  • Plug and play
  • Works with Windows and macOS
  • Supports AirPlay


  • Easy content sharing at the press of a button
  • High content resolution for clear images
  • Allows for conference management from a connect computer
  • Record meetings directly to the connected computer
  • Multiple content sources can be connected to VC500/VC800

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