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DECT Dongle for Base/Client Functionality


DD10K USB DECT dongle for use with Yealink USB desktop phones. Phones can function as either client or base.

The Yealink DD10K DECT dongle introduces a new level of portability that has previously only been available cordless handsets, by enabling DECT on desktop phones. The DD10K DECT dongle can be used in one of two ways, firstly as a DECT client where supported phones will connect to a Yealink DECT base station, or secondly, in DECT base mode, where the desktop phone functions as a DECT base, allowing cordless handsets to be connected to it. The DD10K dongle is ideally suited to offices with minimal fixed infrastructure, or used to speed up deployment times by removing the need for trunking/trenching. In addition, the DD10K DECT dongle is easy to deploy and simply connects to the USB port of your Yealink desktop phone. DECT base functionality is ideal for warehouse environments, where network infrastructure is minimal but cordless connectivity is required. Experience freedom of communication like never before with the simple addition of the DD10K DECT dongle.

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Key Features & Specs


USB 2.0




50m Indoor/ 300m Outdoor

Plug and play



Yealink T41S, T42S, T53W, T54W, T57W, T58A and VP59 IP Phones



  • USB
  • DECT support
  • Plug and play
  • Works with T41S/T42S as client
  • Works with T53/T54/T57/T59 as base station


  • Enables desktop phones to connect to DECT base station
  • Enables desktop phones to act as main DECT base, allowing other DECT devices to be connected
  • Simple plug and play
  • Up to 4 connected handsets when working as base station

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