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Multi-Cell DECT Base Station


W90 Multi-Cell DECT base station for large deployments

The Yealink Multi-Cell DECT solution has been beefed up to provide much larger Multi-Cell DECT solutions for warehouses, factories, car dealerships, etc.

The Yealink W90 Multi-Cell solution can handle up to 60 base stations and up to 250 handsets in a single network, with 250 SIP accounts and 250 simultaneous calls. Making the Yealink W90 Multi-Cell solution the most power Yealink DECT solution to date.

Seamless handover and roaming between the base stations (W90B) is centrally managed by the DECT manager (W90DM) making the system easy to deploy, manage and expand. Synchronisation between the base stations can be done using the DECT air interface or via the LAN interface, offering more flexibility on deployment.

Note: All deployments of the Yealink Multi-Cell DECT Solution will require one DECT Manager.

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Key Features & Specs


Seamless handover and roaming

Total Handsets

Up to 250 handsets, max. 8 handsets per base station

Simultaneous Voice Calls

Up to 250 simultaneous calls, max. 8 per base station


50m Indoor / 300m Outdoor


W53H, W56H, W59R Handsets, DECT Desktop Phone and CP930W Conference Phone



  • Seamless handover and roaming
  • Facilitates connection to the various DECT devices
  • Competitive and stable signal strength and coverage
  • 8 active handset / 8 simultaneous call — narrow band codec
  • 4 active handset / 4 simultaneous call — wide band codec
  • 50m indoor / 300m outdoor
  • Supports W53H, W56H, CP930W and DD Phone (T41S + DD10K bundle)
  • PoE Support
  • Wall mount only
  • LAN and Air (DECT) synchronisation


  • Move between base stations without dropping calls
  • High quality and secure DECT calls
  • Works with existing handsets
  • Easily upgrade your DECT network by replacing only the base station
  • Works purely as a base station to transfer media traffic, like an antenna

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