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Multi-Cell IP DECT Base Station


Multi-Cell IP DECT base station for use with W53H mid-range IP DECT handset or W56H premium range IP DECT handset.

What is Multi-Cell DECT? Simply put, it means that a cordless phone can “roam” between various base stations without losing the call. Yealink’s Multi-Cell DECT solution allows up to 100 handsets to be connected to up to 30 base stations, all seamlessly handing over calls and allowing users to roam as they please. Taking the DECT base station range into account (50M indoors, 300M with clear line of sight) this provides a massive area of coverage when fully populated! Of course, most businesses will not just deploy phones over a large flat surface, and the Yealink Multi-Cell IP DECT solution is ideal for bridging the coverage dead spots between multi-level buildings. Unlike Wi-Fi based cordless phones which are prone to interference and bad user experience with incorrect setup, DECT remains one of the best high voice quality, low interference and secure VoIP communication methods. Multi-Cell DECT, combined with Yealink’s industry leading design is also revolutionising the traditional office environment, by bringing DECT to your desktop phone and your boardroom, as a conference phone! As part of the refinements expected later this year, Yealink will allow for your complete office to be connected to its Multi-Cell base solution. This is great news for both installers and end-users, as it means install times are cut down, the requirement for trenching/trunking is significantly reduced, and there’s a cost saving by not deploying Ethernet cables.

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Key Features & Specs


Seamless handover and roaming

Total Handsets

Up to 100 handsets, max. 8 handsets per base station

Simultaneous Voice Calls

Up to 8 simultaneous calls per base station


50m Indoor/ 300m Outdoor


Yealink W53H, W56H, W59R Handsets, DECT Desktop Phone and CP930W Conference Phone



  • Seamless handover and roaming
  • Facilitates connection to the various DECT devices
  • Competitive and stable signal strength and coverage
  • 8 active handsets and 8 simultaneous calls – narrowband codec
  • 4 active handsets and 4 simultaneous calls – wideband codec
  • 50m indoor and 300m outdoor range
  • Supports W53H, W56H, W59R, CP930W and DD phone (T41S + DD10K bundle)
  • PoE support
  • Wall mount only


  • Move between base stations without dropping calls
  • High-quality and secure DECT calls
  • Works with existing handsets
  • Easily upgrade your DECT network by replacing only the base station
  • Works purely as a base station to transfer media traffic, like an antenna



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