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Fast Ethernet Desktop IP Phone


Desktop IP phone with PoE and Opus support, fast Ethernet and USB support.

The Yealink T41S fast Ethernet desktop IP phone is the starting point of the T4S range, which expands on the global success of the previous T4 generation by enabling even more features, while keeping the same great look and feel. Yealink’s T41S VoIP phone features Opus codec support, which is affectionately known as the swiss army knife of codecs, due to its adaptability to changing network conditions, while maintaining high levels of call quality. Thanks to the built-in USB port, the T41S desktop IP phone allows for more connectivity methods, including Bluetooth support (for headsets), Wi-Fi (single or dual-band) and even DECT (to connect to the W60B/W80B base station) done simply by adding the required dongle. Additionally, PoE simplifies deployment and power management, while the unified firmware that is present on the T41S fast Ethernet desktop IP phone means installers/users only have to certify/test one S range device to on-board the entire range.

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Key Features & Specs


192×64 pixel back light LCD display


2 x Ethernet ports 10/100 – PoE support

Headset Support

Yealink YHS33 (RJ-9) Yealink UH33/UH36-Mono/UH36-Duo (USB)

Wi-Fi Support

Via Yealink WF40 or WF50 USB Dongle


Via Yealink BT41 USB Dongle

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  • 2.7" 192x64 pixel back light LCD display
  • 2 x Ethernet ports 10/100 PoE support
  • 6 x SIP accounts
  • 6 x Line keys
  • 15 x Memory keys (3-page view)
  • USB port
  • Opus codec support
  • Opus codec can flexibly be adapted to suit bandwidth/quality requirements
  • USB port allows external Bluetooth/Wi-Fi/DECT connectivity
  • PoE for easy deployment
  • Unified firmware works on every T4S device


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