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Desktop Video | Voice Solutions

Yealink Voice Communication Solutions With Video Functionality For Desktop:

Executives now can join a video conference from their own office desktop or even from home without moving to a fixed conference room, saving time and increasing convenience and efficiency. Voice Communication Solutions with Desktop Video functionality at its finest!

  • VP59 Desktop Video Phone
    Designed for in-demand executives and teleworkers alike, Yealink’s flagship smart video phone VP59 demonstrates the revolutionary future of desktop video collaboration through trailblaizing voice communication solutions. The phone ensures a better call experience thanks to its industry-leading video and sound quality as well as robust features such as five-way audio/video mixed conferencing, built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, local USB recording and more. Based on Android 7.1, VP59 comes with built-in calendar, sound recorder and various useful applications. Moreover, VP59 also support function extension through third-party Apps.
  • T58A with camera Desktop Video Phone
    The Yealink T58A with camera is a simple-to-use smart media phone that provides an enriched HD audio and video calling experience for business professionals. This brand-new smart media phone enables productivity-enhancing visual communication with the ease of a standard phone. Based on Android 5.1.1 operating system, the T58A with camera features a seven-inch adjustable multi-point touch screen, a removable two-megapixel HD camera CAM50, integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2, and it is coupled with a built-in web browser, calendar, recorder and more, which also support the installation of third-party applications for business customization. The Yealink T58A with camera strikes an exquisite balance between simplicity and sophistication, offering an all-in-one video & voice communication solutions for today’s busy executives, managers and steelworkers. 
  • Yealink VC Desktop Software
    Yealink VC Desktop (for Windows) is a high-quality and cost-efficient video collaboration software created to streamline communication for today’s businesses. Yealink VC Desktop allows for high quality and smooth face-to-face interactions for users (720P HD video, 1080P full HD content sharing) and features broad interoperability with H.323/SIP dual-protocol support. In addition to its excellent network adaptability, the software is just as easy to use as it is to set up.

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