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Large Group Solutions | Business Type

Background Analysis

Large groups have distinct needs because of complicated organizational structures with participants spreading over a number of separate locations. Efficient internal communications is essential for large groups to run smoothly. Ease of deployment and management is a core advantage of Yealink solutions in comparison with traditional video conferencing systems.

Requirements from SMEs

  • Scalable conferencing capacity is essential for large companies and organizations that are geographically diverse and that require multiple departments to work together. This is especially true in cases where routine meetings and business discussions include eight participants or more in a video conference.
  • Multiple conferencing modes are necessary to accommodate a variety of conference types: routine meetings, training sessions, executive announcements and more. Companies need flexibility in how they create and manage conferences.
  • Security is more important than ever before. Because company meetings can involve substantial business interests and require confidentiality, security and stability is extremely important.
  • Staff and managers need a network deployment model that is robust enough to handle a range of needs and simple enough to manage efficiently.

Value Created by Yealink

Robust performance

A single device can support up to 80 video conferences, enable cascading, and satisfy the high-capacity requirements of large companies.


Yealink significantly reduces costs and makes deployment easier by integrating multiple features into a single device: Integrated MCU, Registrar Server, Traversal Server, Meeting Management Server, Directory Server and Device Management Server.

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