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Multi-Cell DECT | Voice Solutions

Multi-Cell DECT System

The Yealink DECT products bring scalability and increased mobility to business users, the Multi-Cell DECT System W80 provides a seamless handover and roaming solution, stable communication experience and simple deployment service covering multiple scenarios, including warehouses, hotels, 4S stores, offices, retail and other large spaces that need to use Multi-Cell solution. Yealink is dedicated to assist our users and partners benefit from our professional business voice communication solutions.

Voice Communication Solutions with Easy Setup, Fast Deployment

The Multi-Cell DECT System provides easy setup for users and resellers even in a non-multicast network environment. By using the Yealink Multi-Cell DECT Deployment Toolkit, the ideal location of each W80B base station can be quickly established. Users can set up the system easily and plan large-scale deployments with just a few simple steps: measurement, installation, and configuration.

Voice Communication Solutions with Seamless Roaming & Stability

The Multi-Cell DECT System W80 provides a seamless roaming and handover solution that allows users to move freely in large spaces. In addition to supporting up to 30 base stations and 100 handsets, the DECT connectivity enables users to enjoy flexibility, HD quality audio and crystal-clear communication.

Voice Communication Solutions with All-in-One, Up to 100 Parallel Call Functionality

The Yealink W80 Multi-Cell DECT System consists of one W80B-DM DECT Manager and up to 30 W80B Base Stations. This system supports the registration of up to 100 handsets, including the W59R, W53H, W56H, CP930W, and DD Phone (T41S + DD10K). With support for up to 100 parallel calls, this system also improves communication quality by avoiding busy signals.

Voice Communication Solutions with Easy Access to Multiple Phonebooks

The system offers easy access to multiple phone books, including local directory, remote phonebook, LDAP, and XML phonebook. Additionally, it is broadly compatible with PBX contacts, including 3CX contacts and BSFT XSI contacts.

The Yealink Multi-Cell DECT system W80B works with the IP67 rugged DECT handset W59R, mid-level premium handset W56H, entry-level handset W53H, Cordless IP DECT Conference Phone CP930W and DECT Desktop Phone (Fast Ethernet Desktop Phone T41S and DECT USB Dongle DD10K bundle)

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