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Yealink Video Devices & Microsoft Business Solutions, Empowering Your Business

Yealink Video Device Solutions for Microsoft Teams, Empowering Your Business In the modern workplace, organization employees tend to do communication and collaboration with video meeting. A video meeting not only delivers instant collaboration and communication environment, but fosters productivity and sometimes sparks innovations in a team work.

Fully integrated with Microsoft Business Solutions and cover all the meeting room size, Yealink video device solutions comes with full package devices offer including everything you need for a Microsoft Teams meeting. Easy to use with premium video and audio experience, the solutions are able to make the teamwork more efficient and collaborative across all meeting spaces.

Microsoft Business Solutions With Series Of Certified Devices That Cover Various Meeting Spaces


For huddle room and executive office


For focus and small rooms

MVC300 II for Microsoft Teams

For focus and small rooms


For small and huddle rooms


For small rooms


For medium and large rooms


For extra-large rooms

What Yealink Video Device Solutions Offer

High quality

Through Yealink Device Management Platform/Cloud Service, you can remotely manage, monitor, configure, update and diagnose all Yealink audio and video devices peripherals.

Easy to Start and Manage

HD audio quality, Yealink noise proof technology, HD optical cameras, offering a better user experience.

Premium Audio and Video Meeting Experience

Microsoft Teams certified high quality components, consistent and beautiful product design, backed by No.1 SIP phone provide.

Device Management Platform

Integrated consistent Teams-tailored user experience for calling and meeting across all the devices, MVC Series one touch to join the meeting with the touch-control.

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