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Background Analysis

As globalization continues and competition intensifies, a significant number of small- and medium-sized enterprises face the need to improve communication efficiency. Traditional hardware video conferencing solutions are often not up to the task and can be prohibitively expensive for many enterprises. At the same time, user experience and security remain important factors when evaluating the newer generation of software video conferencing solutions. We developed a high-quality, easy-to-use and cost-effective video conferencing solution tailor-made for small- and medium-sized enterprises to address this market demand.

Requirements from SMEs

  • Company headquarters frequently need to communicate with their branches. This market is defined as typically having up to eight branches and a need for multiple branches to have concurrent conferences.
  • Video conferencing quality requirements are relatively high, particularly in terms of stability, audio-visual quality and the ability to share content.
  • While many branches have basic conference management requirements, they may not have IT or administrative personnel on site. Therefore, they require the operation and administration of video conferencing to be simple.
  • Endpoints need to be suitable for a wide variety of environments, including small and large conference rooms, desktops, mobile endpoints, and more.
  • Devices must be compatible with mainstream video conferencing platforms to meet the conference requirements of upstream and downstream partners.

One-stop Solution

Yealink constantly innovates to provide easy-to-use, consistent, user-friendly and interoperable business video conferencing solutions that help enterprises to achieve greater business success. The VC880, VC800, VC500 and VC200 Room System offer a scalable and secure video conferencing solution.

Built-in MCU

The built-in eight-channel MCU easily handles the multiple video conferencing needs of most small- and medium-sized enterprises.

Comprehensive Endpoints

We cover the full range of business needs, including small conference room video conferencing all-in-one devices, main conference room video conferencing systems, large conference room video conferencing terminals, desktop video conferencing phones, PC software, and mobile iOS and Android Apps.

Easy management and deployment

Yealink’s cloud management service platform makes internal network traversal and business contact management easier than ever. Employees can register accounts on multiple devices (such as video conferencing terminals, PCs and mobile devices) to achieve interconnection and communication. Video conferencing is as simple as using your smartphone.

Widely Compatible

Yealink is seamlessly compatible with mainstream video conferencing platforms and provides unimpeded communication between upstream and downstream supply chains.

Testimonials from Worldwide Partners

Yealink solutions can effectively facilitate our projects’ tendency to be frequent and occur suddenly. It is simple to use and when a department brings its own equipment, they can easily set up a video conference in a vacant conference room.
IT Engineer

Beijing Information Technology Center

Yealink video conferencing solutions have allowed us to greatly increase our communication efficiency with our clients and greatly improve the acceptance rate of projects thanks to the help of graphical illustrations made possible by the communication solution.
Account Manager

Yarun Culture

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