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Provide Broad Voice Solutions

Yealink and Zoom’s joint voice solution provides a broad solution with three different product lines, including desktop phones, DECT phones and conference phones. Yealink T5 Business Phone Series provide the best possible personalized collaboration experience for business of all sizes. Conference phones suit a range of different meeting environments for both in-room and remote participants. DECT Phone can meet wireless office requirements. The three product lines contain multiple solutions from entry level to premium level, suit customers’ needs in different scenarios, sizes, and budgets.

Zero–touch Provisioning

Yealink IP Phone completely achieves zero-touch provision with Zoom phone system. With the integration of Zoom Phone with Yealink RPS, each Yealink phone added on Zoom Phone Platform will registered to RPS to make Zero Touch Provisioning. Users only need to plug connector into the Internet access, and configuration will be completed automatically. Zero touch provision provide users an easy and convenient provision process, offering users an experience of easy-to-use IP Phone endpoint portfolio.

Perfect Compatibility

Yealink voice solution has perfect compatibility with Zoom phone system. Yealink IP Phone can bring both basic and advanced functions into full play with Zoom phone system, like Call Delegation, Elevate to Meeting, Resync and Zoom Cloud Meetings. In addition, Yealink voice solution is also updated according to the Zoom Phone latest version, and adds the compatibility function continuously.

If you need assistance or have questions, please contact us via zoominfo@yealink.com

Yealink Recommend Phone

Find the business phone that’s right for your workplace

Desktop Phones


Entry-level phone
suited for common workspace


for professionals and managers


Premium-level phone
for executives and busy managers

T58A with camera

Android based smart phone
for executives and busy managers



For wireless meeting room and huddle rooms


First-class, for mid-large meeting rooms with up to 20 people


Cost-effective choice for moderate-to-active on-the-move communication needs


Premium level, for frequent on-the-move communications

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