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Microsoft Business Solutions

 Microsoft Business Solutions by Yealink

Scenarios and Requirements:

Most employees require that an IP phone be reliable and offer stable performance. IT staff also require auto-provisioning and update support for mass deployment to facilitate management. Detailed requirements include:

  • Auto-deployment, plug-and-play;
  • Support for local server network settings (VLAN, security protocols, etc.);
  • Stable performance, HD voice and ease-of-use.

Yealink & Microsoft Business Solutions and Benefits:

Yealink offers a wide range of enterprise-grade IP phones. The classic T42S Ultra-elegant Gigabit IP Phone boasts a 192×64-pixel gray-scale backlit LCD display for a clear visual experience. Optima HD voice and the G.722 codec gives users life-like voice quality. The SIP-T42S ensures efficient and accurate calling with features like an XML phonebook and intelligent search.

The IT staff find the SIP-T42S appealing because it supports a multiple “zero-touch” mass deployment method and includes DHCP option 66 and PnP. After the phone is unpacked and powered on, the phone configures itself by auto-downloading files from the server, including account settings and a synchronized company phonebook. IT settings for the IP phones are pre-set in the IP-PBX system. It’s that simple. The SIP-T42S also features high security with support for multiple VoIP network security protocols, including TLS/SRTP, HTTPS, 802.1X, VLAN QoS, LLDP-MED and IPv6.The SIP-T42S boasts stable performance and full functions. It’s easy to deploy and to use and offers a high ROI, making it the ideal model for your employees. Yealink also offers many other models with similar high-quality features.

If you have higher requirements for the daily office IP phone, Yealink also offers the new launching T53 Prime Business Phone with larger display screen, better visual experience and more useful functions.

The SIP-T53 is equipped with adjustable display screen to fit various office environment and different lighting conditions. The SIP T53 also support Acoustic Shield feature to intelligently block or mute sounds from outside the “shield” so that the person on the other end hears you only and follows you clearly, which is ideal for busy and noisy workspace. For small teamwork, the T53 supports Corded-Cordless feature to register up to 4 handsets to the desktop phone through a DECT dongle, which is designed to deliver a lowcost solution for small teams.

The first certified Microsoft Teams desk phone in the industry, offering the Microsoft Teams experience to all desktop devices seamlessly.
The first provider offering one-stop audio certified Microsoft Teams devices, covering scenarios of offices, open work space, huddle rooms and large conference rooms.
The first stable and matured certified Teams desk phone series (available for SfB Migration), which has been available for over a year.

This Yealink T58A is actually that I have on my desk. And I love the big screen because I can fully navigate the whole Teams UX(user experience).

Ilya Bukshteyn, Partner Director, Microsoft Teams Devices
Enterprise Connect 2018 keynote

A whole series of certified Yealink devices covering multiple scenarios with Microsoft Business Solutions

Yealink Video Devices & Microsoft Business Solutions, Empowering Your Business

Yealink Video Device Solutions for Microsoft Teams, Empowering Your Business In the modern workplace, organization employees tend to do communication and collaboration with video meeting. A video meeting not only delivers instant collaboration and communication environment, but fosters productivity and sometimes sparks innovations in a team work.

Fully integrated with Microsoft Business Solutions and cover all the meeting room size, Yealink video device solutions comes with full package devices offer including everything you need for a Microsoft Teams meeting. Easy to use with premium video and audio experience, the solutions are able to make the teamwork more efficient and collaborative across all meeting spaces.

Microsoft Business Solutions With Series Of Certified Devices That Cover Various Meeting Spaces


For huddle room and executive office


For focus and small rooms

MVC300 II for Microsoft Teams

For focus and small rooms


For small and huddle rooms


For small rooms


For medium and large rooms


For extra-large rooms

What Yealink Video Device Solutions Offer

High quality

Through Yealink Device Management Platform/Cloud Service, you can remotely manage, monitor, configure, update and diagnose all Yealink audio and video devices peripherals.

Easy to Start and Manage

HD audio quality, Yealink noise proof technology, HD optical cameras, offering a better user experience.

Premium Audio and Video Meeting Experience

Microsoft Teams certified high quality components, consistent and beautiful product design, backed by No.1 SIP phone provide.

Device Management Platform

Integrated consistent Teams-tailored user experience for calling and meeting across all the devices, MVC Series one touch to join the meeting with the touch-control.

Effective Remote Working With Microsoft Business Solutions Powered By Yealink Voice and Video Devices

The global outbreak of coronavirus has affected the work and lives of millions. During this crisis, the entire Yealink team is working closely with our partners to provide you with broad portfolio of certified Yealink Voice and Video Device Solutions for Microsoft Teams and support as much as possible. Together, we will get through this.

By Sector

For healthcare workers

The Yealink VC210 collaboration bar allows medical staff to interact with patients remotely, improving efficiency, saving time and money and ensuring safety. Plug-and-play simplicity makes it easy to install devices.

For teachers and students

Yealink’s broad video and voice device range offers solutions for your unique requirements, making remote learning and training easy and effective.

For public sector

Whether you work in government administration, public services, public safety or justice and defense, Yealink’s broad video and voice device range offers solutions for your unique requirements and budget, making remote communication more effective and ensuring the outcomes that citizens demand.

By Scenario

For executive room

Turn your home office into a professional executive boardroom with the VC210 or VP59 bundle.

For basic work use

Regardless of whether you have a dedicated home office, Yealink’s broad video and voice device range offers the solution for your unique requirements, making remote collaboration easier, keeping people and business connected.

Yealink and Microsoft Business Solutions, working together to bring Teams experience to every space

Workplaces today have been transformed. The ways people work have become more flexible and dynamic, thereby requiring the right technologies to improve business communications and collaborations.

Yealink is the 1st company to provide Microsoft Business Solutions with certified desk phones for Microsoft Teams in the market, creating a complete range of device solutions that allows all types of professionals to work the way they love anytime, anywhere.

Yealink device solutions for Microsoft Teams include the MVC series, the collaboration bar, conference phones, desk phones, speakerphones, and headsets that can be utilized in meeting rooms, in-the-office, and on-the-go.

All the devices bring a premium audio experience to users by featuring Optima HD Voice, Yealink Noise Proof Technology, and full duplex speakers. One-touch to join a meeting is provided, along with a premium video and audio experience. To ensure a consistent Teams-tailored user experience, products are Teams-tailored and designed with embedded AI technology, so all it takes is a single touch to activate Cortana for Teams.

With Yealink, devices come from a single vendor at the right price point to meet your budget and needs. Moreover, global support is in place to serve customers of all sizes.

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