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Zoom Rooms

Premium Audio & Video

Reliable | Premium Audio and Video | Easy Deployment

Native Zoom Rooms Experience

In partnership with Zoom, the Yealink video solution CP960-UVC Zoom Rooms Kits come fully integrated with Zoom Rooms and include pre-installed Zoom Rooms software. Certified by Zoom, Yealink offers two Zoom Rooms kits to fit different meeting scenarios needs, including the CP960-UVC50 for small and medium rooms and the CP960-UVC80 for medium and large rooms. Both solutions deliver premium audio and video quality thanks to the combination of the Yealink CP960 Conference Phone and Yealink’s UVC series of optical PTZ cameras, which work in tandem to provide users a native Zoom Rooms experience.

Total Device Package Offer

Yealink delivers a complete Zoom Rooms package containing a full hardware suite (mini-PC, camera, audio devices) as well as the requisite software and license, simplifying the purchasing process and deployment while making the after-sales service experience more convenient than ever.

Simple to Deploy, Easy to Use

Yealink one-cable technology eliminates the need for a traditional USB cable from the television area to the conference table area, greatly simplifying deployment. The Yealink CP960 Conference Phone further declutters the conference area by uniting microphones, speaker and meeting console into a single package. When serving as a meeting console, the five-inch multi-touch screen display allows users to join the meeting, add participants, adjust volume and control the PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) of the camera, making meeting management a snap.

Premium Audio and Video Meeting Experience

Featuring a built-in three-microphone array, the Yealink CP960 Conference Phone ensures a 360-degree voice pickup range with up to a 20-foot (six-meter) radius. Thanks to Yealink Noise Proof Technology, background noise is minimized so that everyone in the room can be heard clearly. By adding the two CPW90 wireless expansion microphones, the CP960 can provide up to a 40-foot (12-meter) voice pickup radius without any additional wiring.
Yealink’s UVC optical PTZ camera delivers sharp, smooth and stable video with a deep focus field. The wide-angle horizontal field-of-view lens and adjustable camera angle provide a broad view of the conference room.

Manage Your Devices Remotely

Yealink Device Management Platform or cloud service can manage the Yealink CP960-UVC Zoom Rooms Kits, allowing administrators to remotely control all devices with ease. The platform supports remote configuration, firmware upgrading, monitoring and diagnosis. Through Windows Update, users can get the latest version of the UVC camera driver and Yealink Plug-in for Zoom Rooms, further enhancing the user’s Zoom Rooms experience.

If you need assistance or have questions, please contact us via zoominfo@yealink.com

We recommend you to purchase the CP960-UVC bundle package and CP960-Zoom Edition.

If the CP960 you have is of standard firmware version rather than a Zoom Edition, please download and upgrade to the Zoom Edition firmware, as well as apply and import the license.

Products at a Glance

Yealink CP960-UVC30 Zoom Rooms Kit

For huddle and small rooms

Yealink CP960-UVC50 Zoom Rooms Kit

For small and medium rooms

Yealink CP960-UVC80 Zoom Rooms Kit

For medium and large rooms


Yealink UVC80 USB PTZ Camera

For medium and large rooms

Yealink UVC50 USB PTZ Camera

For small and medium rooms

Yealink CP960-Zoom Edition Conference Phone

Conference Phone

Provide Broad Voice Solutions

Yealink and Zoom’s joint voice solution provides a broad solution with three different product lines, including desktop phones, DECT phones and conference phones. Yealink T5 Business Phone Series provide the best possible personalized collaboration experience for business of all sizes. Conference phones suit a range of different meeting environments for both in-room and remote participants. DECT Phone can meet wireless office requirements. The three product lines contain multiple solutions from entry level to premium level, suit customers’ needs in different scenarios, sizes, and budgets.

Zero–touch Provisioning

Yealink IP Phone completely achieves zero-touch provision with Zoom phone system. With the integration of Zoom Phone with Yealink RPS, each Yealink phone added on Zoom Phone Platform will registered to RPS to make Zero Touch Provisioning. Users only need to plug connector into the Internet access, and configuration will be completed automatically. Zero touch provision provide users an easy and convenient provision process, offering users an experience of easy-to-use IP Phone endpoint portfolio.

Perfect Compatibility

Yealink voice solution has perfect compatibility with Zoom phone system. Yealink IP Phone can bring both basic and advanced functions into full play with Zoom phone system, like Call Delegation, Elevate to Meeting, Resync and Zoom Cloud Meetings. In addition, Yealink voice solution is also updated according to the Zoom Phone latest version, and adds the compatibility function continuously.

If you need assistance or have questions, please contact us via zoominfo@yealink.com

Yealink Recommend Phone

Find the business phone that’s right for your workplace

Desktop Phones


Entry-level phone
suited for common workspace


for professionals and managers


Premium-level phone
for executives and busy managers

T58A with camera

Android based smart phone
for executives and busy managers



For wireless meeting room and huddle rooms


First-class, for mid-large meeting rooms with up to 20 people


Cost-effective choice for moderate-to-active on-the-move communication needs


Premium level, for frequent on-the-move communications

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